Rwanda has a lot to offer in terms of tourism.  But there is much more to the country than gorillas —  although they áre pretty awesome. Here are some things that you can only learn by visiting Rwanda

The soulful benefits of Umuganda

fullsizeoutput_124aEvery last Saturday morning of the month, the entire country shuts down to take part in government-mandated umuganda, community service. It is a traditional Rwandan practice that has helped rebuild the country, literally and morally, after the horrors of the genocide. Together, people plant trees, build schools, repair roads and generally clean and sweep their towns and cities. No wonder Rwanda is the cleanest country in Africa!

Creating beauty from cow dung

IMG_4101For generations, Rwandans have used cow dung, mixed with natural colors to create unique and beautiful paintings on wooden panels. Red soil, black ash from banana peel and white clay are mixed with the cow dung to create traditional geometrical and vibrant designs that fits any modern home decor.

The best fish comes from a land-locked country

Photo by Illume Creative Studio

Although Rwanda is hundreds of miles away from the ocean, the best fish from the region are the tiny fresh-water sambaza from Lake Kivu. Rwandans eat them whole, dusted in flour and fried, then served hot on a large sharing plate with wedges of lemon. You will eat them nowhere else but in Rwanda.